One of the three biggest Shoes Capital, in which plastic shoes leads the fashion of China

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Jieyang has a long history of plastic fashion shoes industry, which is one of the city’s key support of industry with local characteristics.In recent years, the plastic shoes industry integrates resources,optimizes structure, expends market and accelerates industrial transformation and upgrading, which rapidly develops the whole footwear industry, significantly increases their competitiveness and influence, and continuously enhances the enterprise comprehensive strength. 

In recent years, with the title of honor “China Plastic Fashion Shoes Capital”, Jieyang’s plastic shoes industry accelerates industrial transformation and upgrading.It has a great sale among big cities in China and also export a large number of products to more that one hundred foreign countries and areas such as Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.In 2014, the total output value of plastic shoes reached 290 million yuan, of which value of exports is more than 2 billion dollar, including 18.2 billion dollar of direct exports,which leads to an increase of 12.5%, accounts for 36% of the city's total exports and one-third of the province's exports of plastic shoes. 

By the end of 2014, more that 4000 enterprises including a number of leading enterprises such as Sidijia Company and Zumei Company and more than 300,000 personnels engage in the manufacture and sales of finished shoes or shoe sole and shoe materials, forming a regional characteristic industrial cluster including Rongcheng area, Lancheng area, Jiedong area and Airport Economic Zone.

Jieyang’s plastic fashion shoes industry has formed a more perfect industry chain of shoe-making, including raw material production, product design, mold manufacturing, material processing, product manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and market transactions, creating a professional division of labor.Relying on the traditional culture of Chaoshan area, Jieyang shoes industry production base develops shoes with diversify and local characteristics. In addition, Jieyang shoes industry has abundant distribution channels, marketing organizations and distribution networks at home and abroad. At the same time, majority of enterprises has set up their electricity sales platform, expanding their sales channels.

In recent years, Jieyang Government attaches great importance to development of shoe-making industry and publishes policies and measures to support the transformation and upgrading of shoes industry. Moreover, Jieyang Government sets up a group called “Leading Group for Jieyang Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading”, which greatly promote the declaration of Guangdong Province foreign trade of the transformation and upgrading demonstration base (professional), seeking for the support from Provincial Government. Rongcheng district government comes up with “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Footwear Industry in our Region”, greatly promote the rapid and healthy development of the footwear industry from promoting the adjustment of product structure, speeding up the construction of shoes material market, strengthening the construction of enterprise informatization, implementing the “Go Global”strategy, introducing advanced shoe-making enterprises, training footwear professionals and optimizing the development environment of footwear industry.

With the support of government and policies, the footwear industry's service facilities have been further optimized. “Yuedong Shoes City”,the  biggest shoes market in Guangdong Province with largest variety of shoes, cheapest prices and best services, continuously improves its services and functions and steps up the construction of“Shoes Creative Industry Park”and International Footwear Trade City. Jieyang Government also develops cooperation with many banks such as Minsheng Bank, Bank of Communications and Guangdong Development Bank, and they jointly hold financing business promotion, actively helping shoe-making enterprises to coordinate and solve financing problems. In 2014, Jieyang Footwear Industry Association and Jieyang financial sector sign a cooperation agreement,in which Guangdong Development Bank provides 100 million to Jieyang Footwear Industry Association. Guangdong Development Bank also offers credit loan to member enterprises according to the proof of guarantee provided by Industry Association, effectively solving the problem of a large number of enterprises in the shortage of funds.

At the same time, the city's shoe-making enterprises attach great importance to technological upgrading and brand building,and has invested nearly 5 billion in technical innovation, brand building, talent introduction and other aspects,greatly improving industry competitive edge.All shoe-making enterprises design thousands of new shoes styles every year and most of enterprises achieve the mechanization and computer numerical control automation production. Therefore, a number of enterprise with great influence and well-known brands emerge. So far, Jieyang enterprises have more than 200 independent brands and more than 1000 technologies and certifications such as patented technology, quality certification, environmental certification. Many well-known enterprise from home and abroad develop cooperation with Jieyang enterprises.

Jieyang Government establishes the Footwear Industry Association to further standardize the development of footwear industry, achieving the complementary advantages and promoting the healthy development of footwear industry. With more than 1 million investment from many enterprises, this Industry Association builds up a test center and provides product testing services for member enterprises. The Industry Association also organizes a series of exhibition activities such as a recommend meeting called “Guangzhou Huanan Shoe Exhibition Center”, setting up a “Go Global”platform for shoes enterprises and displaying the brand image of the plastic fashion shoes industry in our city. President Weibing Huang says  that he will give full play to the function of the association, establish a new management system, create a good investment environment, try hard to attract social funds and private capital into the footwear industry and offer integrated services for transformation and upgrading of shoe-making enterprises, providing driving force for Jieyang enterprises to be creative and strong.

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